Janz services are the best after-sales service on the market.

JANZ services provide our customers with independent and accredited laboratories for metrological tests and calibrations, performing the first checks after repair and extra checks on water meters.

Our factory also offer water meter reconditioning services for both the metrological reconditioning and technology upgrades, to enable connection with modern smart management and control systems and guarantee optimum results.

Learn more about  JANZ services for the three business areas:

Icone-Contadores de água

Water Meters

– Reconditioning

– Verification

– Calibration and Testing

ícone-injeção de plásticos

Plastics Injection

– Mold Maintenance

– Support and assistance for the industrialization process

Metrologia industrial

Industrial Metrology

– Water Meter Laboratory: Calibration and Testing

– Dimensional Laboratory Calibration

– Calibres design

– Calibres manufacture

– Parts Measurement

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