The Janz quality process is part of our culture and values. We have always implemented processes to support the manufacture of products in the company raising final quality levels.

Monitoring and the continuous improvement of processes are guarantees of the maintenance and raising of the quality standards that have always characterized us – which is why we have been able to implement and maintain ISO 9001 since 1995 and EN9100 since 2016.

We are committed to continuous evaluation of our processes through our quality management system and we provide ongoing training to our team of employees to enhance the excellence of their work and performance.

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Constantly changing global markets, continuous technological developments and increasing levels of customer demand support the need for process-oriented quality systems.

ISO 9001 is the most widely used management system standard worldwide and is an international benchmark for the Certification of Quality Management Systems.


Measuring Instruments Directive – is a European Union directive that seeks to harmonize various aspects of legal metrology in all countries of the European Union on measuring instruments.

Legal metrological control requires compliance with specific performance requirements. The performance requirements to be met by measuring instruments must provide a high level of protection. The conformity assessment must provide a high level of confidence.

It sets out the essential requirements that measuring instruments must meet in order to make them available to the market and/or commissioning to perform measurement functions.

AFNOR | EN 9100

AS 9100 is an internationally recognized standard setting specific quality management requirements for the aviation industry. Known as AS 9100 in North America, EN 9100 in Europe and JISQ 9100 in Japan, this standard has been adopted by the major manufacturers in the sector (e.g. Airbus, Boeing, GEAE and Rolls-Royce), which require it in contracts with business partners. Based on the ISO 9000 requirements, AS 9100 focuses on quality, safety and technology issues in all aspects of the industry and throughout the supply chain and is applicable in the civil and military field.


In order to monitor production independently and to use knowledge in the testing and calibration of water meters, the Water Meter Laboratory was established and has been accredited since 1993 for testing and calibration, under ISO / IEC 17025, by the IPAC.


In the sixties Janz felt the need to control the tools it was using in its production. It therefore opened a space to specialize in dimensional metrology to support the internal production of production tools.

At the same time, with the manufacture of materialized measures for tool control, the current metrology laboratory evolved for the calibration of calibres. Finally, in 1989, it received accreditation which is still in place for calibration in the dimensional area, under ISO / IEC 17025 by IPAC.