• Telemetry solution enabling two-way and human-free interaction with any equipment or information system, making a major contribution to greater efficiency in the management of meter resources, lower running costs and a significant increase in the level of service provided to the final customer.

LPWA Conectivity
Low Power Wide Area
Up to 15 years lifetime
96 Daily Readings
Plug & Play


MYWATER relies on its state-of-the-art LPWA (Low Power Wide Area) networking technology to deliver ease of deployment, scalability and reliability.» Long range and low consumption» High "Deep Indoor” coverage» Guaranteed data securityAvailable for SIGFOX; LoRa; NB-IoT and WM-Bus networks


MYWATER's simple architecture dispenses with intermediate network devices, such as concentrators or repeaters, and dedicated and complex network infrastructures.» meter + radio module + IoT (Internet of Things) network + Communication Interface.Non-Replaceable Internal Battery - IP68- Standard profile - 12 to 15 years- Extreme Profile - 6 to 8 years


Can be connected to the Cloud for distances of up to 16 km with very low consumption and high efficiency using only one device.Rural Areas: 10 to 20 kmUrban Areas: 2 to 10 Km


Certified as high sensitivity class. Limits signal attenuation due to the influence of atmospheric phenomena or urban noise and minimizes or eliminates loss of communication.


Enables the transmission of data in profiles that can be configured based on consumer profile:Standard Profile - 1 hourly reading | 1 daily transmissionExtreme Profile - Readings every 15 min | 4 daily transmissions


Developed according to the latest technologies, Mywater ensures the integrity of the data emitted by the devices.


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