• Volumetric meter developed to the highest standards and in compliance with OIML-R49 standards.
  • Excellent precision along the entire curve due to the technology used in the volumetric chamber.
  • High performance at low flow rates.
  • Composite body with high mechanical strength.

DN25Q3=6,3m³/hR800T50MAP 16

Magnetic transmission
Temperature up to 50°C
Cold water up to 30°C
IoT Ready

The indicator device does not have immersed mechanisms and has large high contrast rollers. In order to achieve an adequate reading position the totalizer can rotate 360º. A 45° register version is also available. To avoid condensation the indicating device has a IP68 level protection. For applications in extreme conditions a super-dry (copper housing and glass tap) version is also available.


Pre-fitted with inductive pulse output with configurable pulse/litre.Set up for the most advanced IoT (Internet of Things) communication technologies.


Developed to meet the highest performance standards, its design and engineering, coupled with the selection of materials, guarantee an ideal balance of sensitivity and durability.


Composite body with absolute stability to pressure, torsion, compression and temperature.


• Register with 360° rotation
• Anti-fraud alert system
• IP68 protection rating
• For extreme conditions a super-dry (copper housing and glass tap) totalizer version is also available.


Its technology guarantees that the accuracy curve of the meter is maintained over its service life. Permite a retenção de partículas em suspensão. Enorme capacidade de absorção da vibração proporcionando baixo nível de ruído.


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