The manufacture of components for medical devices is Janz’s latest major bet on the technical parts market. The investment made in specific equipment for this area, the formation of a specialized team and the implementation of procedures suitable for the production of medical parts guarantee us the conditions to merit the trust of a demanding and expanding market.

Skills and Technologies

Processes developed with the permanent focus on compliance with the specific regulation for the manufacture of medical devices (ISO 13485). Development of own processes for the machining of medical materials (Titanium, Cromocobalt, Inox). High demands on the specification of the raw materials used and the selection of qualified suppliers.

Selection and training of the human resources oriented towards the competences most appropriate to this activity. On-going training and updating for new products on the market. Dedicated equipment (Swiss lathes equipped with CNC controller, up to 11 axes, High speed, Angled machining, etc.), specific tools developed for optimized machining of medical materials. Visual Measurement and Control Devices updated and adapted to the most demanding specifications of this area.


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