Having developed important skills thanks to extensive experience in the internal production of components for its equipment, Janz has been on the market since 2000 as a supplier of precision parts, and since then has seen its technical capacity increasingly recognized nationally and internationally. We take pride in actively participating in some of the industry’s most demanding industries through close relationships with all our customers, including world-renowned brands.

Skills and Technologies

Aware of the growing demands of the markets, we are based on our constant updating of our machinery fleet, a highly qualified team with an adequate training plan and in permanent contact with our business partners, for whom we operate as a support looking for new solutions and new product development.

Specialized in the manufacture of precision parts by turning, we currently have about 20 CNC machines, equipped with different technical options (up to 11 axes, turret or mobile head, clamping or bushing, bar or piece feed to piece ) that guarantee us the necessary versatility to the rapid response in the case of new projects and also to the variations in the amplitude of the requests of our clients.


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